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T. Rex and why I hate the Paleoart Community by dakzilla13 T. Rex and why I hate the Paleoart Community :icondakzilla13:dakzilla13 12 68


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I get it, dinosaurs are neat and shit, but thinking that it's a super serious science or a big deal makes you look like a manchild. It's okay to like them, even obsess about them, but when your life revolves only around them and your entire existence is debating about them online you're a nerd. If you fit this description go buy a fedora and start growing out disgusting, ratty, uneven neck hair. 
if you unironically create or participate in drama that circles around fucking dinosaurs you need to stop being twelve years old 
T. Rex and why I hate the Paleoart Community
I now can't really stand to look at dinosaurs. It's funny looking back now, because when I was a younger lad I was always obsessed with them. My first non-familial word was "paleontologist" and now after years of interest and research I now have a bad taste in my mouth regarding paleontology and the paleoart community as a whole. Of course there's always paleoart I thoroughly enjoy as my recent favorites show, and this deviantart page was created almost 7 years ago to partake in the fun. Ironically, I want to upload more things eventually but for the most part I don't plan on dabbling into paleoart again (also shout-out to deviant art for having a paywall that keeps me from changing this cringey username). From when I was in freshman year onward I decided to go bananas and add every paleontologist and paleoartist I could on Facebook, some popular, some not, and over the next few years I was invited into groups and discussions and what-not. From the past 6 years of experience with these people I can openly say that I've never seen a more hilariously awkward and extremely cringe-worthy group of individuals. The vast majority of the people drawing the things you see on deviantart haven't progressed since 2010 era memes and Reddit tier humor. As serious and intellectual as they try being, their actual lives are comedic and extremely pathetic for the most part. This is obvious a sweeping statement, but let's be real here, a lot of paleoartists online are downright embarrassing. I'm not referring to their art in particular, but I'm referring to their personas and how they carry themselves in the public eye.

Do you remember that kid in high school that tried way too hard to be funny? You know that kid. Nobody hated him, but talking to him was a chore for everyone involved. He would make failed passes at jokes, and either spout or attempt to show anyone nearby really shitty internet memes that died around the same time Michael Jackson did. He was the butt of jokes to most people when he wasn't around even though he wasn't necessarily a bad kid. He looked average, got good grades and was pretty involved with others, but deep down everyone knows he's probably a closeted furry. 

This kid is the majority of the people that make paleoart. Even among the best of them you see an embarrassing level of faux-professionalism that only serves to stroke their ego and status. A lot of them have really weird lives which they hide with shitty pictures of dinosaurs. Failed relationships, awkward encounters, terrible jobs, no-money, you name it. There's of course people who are nothing like this at all. I like to refer to them as the "not furries". Why "not furries" you ask? Because I'm 100% convinced that paleoart for a lot of these people is a cover for their closeted furry habits. Numerous people I've encountered on Facebook, particularly in the Paleoart groups I was in posted some of the most whacky artwork you could ever imagine. A lot of this artwork I'm talking about is downright bad, mostly done in MS Paint or with crayons, but there was one example in particular that started my downward spiral and fueled my growing hatred for these deplorables. This work was made by a man (yes, a grown man) and each of the dinosaurs he drew had hilariously big anuses. I'm talking big and gaping black holes. Absolute comedy. Other frequent samples I ran across were terrible MS paint art akin to fursonas, mostly drawn by weeaboos and bronies so you can see where I'm going with this. I don't have anything against furries in particular but all of these people live in denial and hide behind a level of non-existent integrity to protect themselves from criticism. They're hilarious and attempt to make any jokes or jabs at them into some sort of blitzkrieg attack that they condone as a war crime on their person. I'll admit, I had a lot of fun taking pictures from these people and editing mustaches onto them. Their responses are what kept me in these groups to begin with. 

The faux-professionalism I mention earlier refers to the people in the community that take everything so seriously that a joke or modern meme is seen as an attack on them and their knuckle-dragging ways. The people this is most prevalent in are the actual paleontologists that teach in universities and the paleoartists that do high level commissioned artwork. Now, you could say that it's obvious that these people take things seriously for a reason, but when one man's joke about harambe spirals into a 100+ comment argument about how offensive that is to animal rights you should at least be able to see where I'm coming from. They respond to each other with essay length comments and messages like they're using an email, and when someone jabs at them or their typically contrarian opinions they respond with the anger of a million burning suns. It's an attack to them and their response is to usually type something like this (based on an actual experience I had where an individual posted something embarrassing and rude, so I took one of his shitty dinosaur pictures and gave it a human head with a mustache): "Thief! Delete this now or I shall contact the proper authorities and have you removed. This is a crime!" That's a real response. Someone threatened me with the internet police. These people hide behind masks of alpha, when they really all fall into the beta category if you catch my drift. The majority of these people are embarrassing to not only themselves but to the community as a whole and come off as angsty. 

All of their art is the same. Even the picture I'm posting now kind of falls into this category. Whenever a new discovery is published or new information is released everyone scrambles and ends up creating the same shit for months on end. This dumb shitty T. Rex I drew in the span of 30 minutes is all you need to see. If you look up a realistic T. Rex on deviantart or artstation, you'll see nothing but this image. Same patterns, same style. You're welcome. I just saved you an assload of time looking for interpretations of T. Rex. You can thank Saurian for making this happen, but at least now you know what you'll see whenever you type its name into the searchbar of any art portfolio website. Again, you're welcome. I just saved you more time you would have normally spent looking at old dead animals that you can now use for doing important things like getting a job or learning to love yourself. The most popular artists are the ones responsible for creating the never-ending circlejerk of tropes. In animation there's a term called "sameface" referring to when characters in a film or television show are all drawn too similarly with no variety and end up looking the same. That is the state of modern paleoart. No variety, few attempts at differentiating, just clones of whatever the artist finds online. Again, like I said earlier, you're welcome. Thank me later. 

The sense of humor of the majority of these people is what ended my dreams. Memes are the primary form of communication between them and among their shared articles on how Bernie Sanders can still win are reddit posts and sameface art. I now cringe at the thought of dinosaurs. Not because they aren't interesting, but because these manchildren ruined them for me. That word describes who a majority of who I've seen in the paleoart community are: manchildren. Exploitative, unfunny, easily offended, backwards and embarrassing manchildren. 

Now enjoy this stupid T. Rex I cobbled together. Shout-out to Scott Hartman's (I'm pretty sure his deviantart name was once shartman) Stan skeletal for reference and another shout-out to the same repetitive tropes that shaped how I drew this. 



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